You can have everything with an Agile PMO...but not at once. Focus on 3 things first: prioritized portfolio demand; the Agile Product Owner role; and Agile Release Planning.

  • If you're moving to an Agile framework to get a better handle on IT delivery, you're not alone. But it can be an isolating experience without an Agile expert to help show the way. Our approach goes far beyond Daily Standups and Sprint Retrospectives, with a design that mirrors how you long for your PMO to run and flourish.


  • Our Approach

    Our Agile PMO experts ease the way 


    We focus squarely on your needs, goals, and intent. All success begins and ends here—and modernization via Agile is no exception. You can't do everything at once, so we'll introduce new strategies to address the three most important first steps.


    To make anything better, you must first see it. We help alleviate uncertainty with new ways to look at how things operate now compared to where they need to change for the future. what's really happening and where the PMO needs to integrate.


    Recognizing that nothing beats early successes, we can step in as practitioners to protect delivery momentum even as we are prepping your teams to evolve and own their Agile PMO.

  • Why Kramer Agile?

    We deliberately designed Kramer Agile as an atypical consulting model. Here's our WOW (Way of Working):

    We get to visual ASAP so you can see what you need

    We are not typical consultants—we want you to get results quickly, then take ownership of your new Agile PMO practice as quickly as possible. And the fastest, most effective way to do that is with modern tools such as Miro and Mural. We'll design and lead short sessions (we call them Design Camps), to show how to look at your world in new ways and make better decisions. We really believe you have to first see it to improve it.

    Empowering internal champions


    Kramer Agile is based on a commitment to teach our customers everything we know. That’s why, when you engage us, we ask that you pick someone you might want to promote or who has leadership skills you'd like to enhance. Then, during our time together, we super-train this person to make them an expert who can carry the Agile flag long after we have delivered on our commitments to you.

    Solid track record


    Our work has resulted in tremendous rewards for our customers. Here are just a few: $85 million in supply chain improvements and product shelf life. Significantly fewer errors in critical customer campaigns. President’s Award for mobile user experience; DevOps leadership to support music downloads from 35 countries. The Agile team that delivered the insurance industry’s very first mobile app. Ask for other examples—we love sharing our customers’ Agile successes.

  • Want to know more? Learn a little about our history and get in touch to see how we can help you get the most from your Agile PMO.