The method to our madness.

  • We have coined our own method to help in your agile transformation, called Seestrings. More information on Seestrings below/on this page.

  • Why Kramer Agile?

    We deliberately designed Kramer Agile as an atypical consulting model. Here's our WOW (Way of Working):

    Not your typical consultancy

    First, we have zero interest in the typical consulting model of adding as many consultants as possible to bill customers as much as possible. Typical consulting companies want your Agile transformation to last for months and months, years and years. We find that to be completely unnecessary and absurdly expensive.

    Empowering internal champions

    Kramer Agile is based on a commitment to teach our customers everything we know. That’s why, when you engage us, we ask that you pick someone you might want to promote or who has good leadership skills. Then, during our time together, we super-train this person to make them an expert who can carry the Agile flag after we have delivered on our commitments to you.

    Simple, budget-friendly services

    We differ from the usual consulting model with flexible services that are easy to budget:


    Agile for HR: 12 weeks

    Agile Campaigns: 4 weeks


    That’s right—you can design, launch, and sustain an Agile HR practice in just three months with us.

  • We compete on speed. You do not need years and millions to get results from an Agile strategy. You just need us. If we all do our part, you will get everything you need to be successful with Agile—in weeks, not months or years.