HR partners in the business of business

  • It’s your HR practice—get control and run it better through proven Agile mindsets and practices.


  • Our Approach

    Our Agile HR experts know that your talent is the sole driver of value to your customers


    We focus squarely on the needs, goals, and intent of the CHRO. All HR success begins and ends here—and modernization via Agile is no exception. Every HR action must map directly to the CHRO’s stated strategies.


    We view HR as an ecosystem, comprised of moving, changing elements that must be connected and protected.

    Capture and Improve

    Now and next: We capture current processes, data, and associate experiences, especially if you’re planning a technology initiative. Then we help you improve associate experience to meet emerging needs.

  • Why Kramer Agile?

    We deliberately designed Kramer Agile as an atypical consulting model. Here's our WOW (Way of Working):

    Not your typical consultancy

    Whether you’re considering Agile to shore up current processes and data in preparation for an HCM initiative, or to design better associate experiences and ways of working, we have the expertise and team to make it happen. We are not typical consultants—we want you to get results quickly, then take ownership of your new HR practice as soon as possible. How fast? Three months. Not two years.

    Empowering internal champions

    Kramer Agile is based on a commitment to teach our customers everything we know. That’s why, when you engage us, we ask that you pick someone you might want to promote or who has good leadership skills. Then, during our time together, we super-train this person to make them an expert who can carry the Agile flag after we have delivered on our commitments to you.

    Solid track record

    Our work has resulted in tremendous rewards for our customers. Here are just a few: $65 million in supply chain improvements and product shelf life; President’s Award for mobile user experience; DevOps leadership to support music downloads from 35 countries; and even the Agile team that delivered the insurance industry’s very first mobile app. Ask for other examples—we love sharing our customers’ Agile successes.

  • Interested to know more? Learn about our history and get in touch to see how we can help bring your teams to the next level.