Agile Campaigns

  • Most companies employ Agile coaches to help them with an Agile transformation. This is excellent for teaching and applying the mechanics of Agile to any number of teams.


    However, it's the moving parts that surround an Agile transformation that can be the most troublesome. The inability for you to see and control these factors can cause an otherwise smart Agile strategy to fail.

    Some Agile coaches can address this. Most can’t. Why? Because many Agile coaches started out in IT. So they’re good with technical development and testing principles. But not so adept in working with senior leaders and executives.

  • Campaign Strategies

    Fortunately, Kramer Agile began as a high-tech marketing agency. So we know exactly how to manage all the moving parts that surround an Agile transformation.

    Value Events

    Delivery strategies for predictive releases of expressed customer value.

    Internal PR

    Marketing and communications strategies to cement better relationships among business areas impacted by your Agile transformation.


    Product management principles for Agile Product Owners.


    Insights to pinpoint exactly where you can improve customer relationships.

    Executive Agile

    Private projects execs run to experience Agile firsthand and support your efforts.

  • The right campaign+you will:

    Get results

    Produce the business + technical

    outcomes you desire

    Create ease

    Synchronize all moving parts—not just the Agile mechanics

    Deliver what matters

    Align results with KPIs / OKRs

    Own your process

    Get out in front as a strategic leader

  • Each campaign strategy is targeted toward achieving the right outcomes quickly. From delivery to communication, to new ways of thinking about products and customers, our campaigns get results. See how we can help.