• Business Agility is the year's top priority for many organizations. Executives pursue it because they are keenly aware of the need to achieve one of the these things:

    • Modernize/transform/reskill
    • Solve a problem
    • Innovate
    • Improve ways of working
    Agile is a framework and mindset, designed as a practice to address any of these business drivers. Our work begins by helping executives and their teams understand exactly what Agile can do for their business...then, how to make it happen.



  • Business Agility Defined

    There's a lot of focus on the term Business Agility right now. What is it and what does it mean for your company?

    For two decades, Agile has been an IT strategy used to build better software. Having seen the successes of CIOs/CTOs, others in the C-Suite are asking if Agile can work in their business units.


    Some define Business Agility as the ability to move faster and respond better to changing business conditions. Usually, this happens because customers are pressing for better experiences to improve their market position and profitability. In addition, younger talent wants greater flexibility in how, where, and when they work. Old ways of leading projects and managing people just don't cut it anymore.


    While Business Agility is a concept, it is also an action. It requires implementing Agile as a nonIT framework and mindset. Simple, but powerful, Business Agility control delivery while empowering teams to visualize make smarter decisions in how they address constantly changing customer needs.









    Kramer Agile

    With a 15-year track record in leading Agile engagements for clients such as Walmart, Johnson + Johnson, Pfizer, Gallo, Cisco, and Samsung, we are experts in designing and running Agile at deep levels. Our work is far beyond IT. Recent Agile successes have been in executive leadership, Marketing, HR, and Supply Chain.



  • What We Do

    Kramer Agile specializes in designing and implementing Agile. Our advantage is the result of fifteen years of large, complex Agile transformations for top US companies. We know Agile works. We love it. And we can’t wait to show you how to harness Agile to improve every aspect of your company's ecosystem—up, down, and across the enterprise.



    where faster delivery and better quality would improve customer outcomes


    customer experiences to improve and how you'll know they're better


    a custom Agile practice to modernize skills and support key strategies


    teams how to better visualize, prioritize, and deliver using proven Agile principles, artifacts, and metrics


    you're getting the desired outcomes


    with your best team members to own and evolve your Agile practice over time

  • What Our Customers Say:


    "I highly recommend Elizabethe Kramer to any manager, individual or team that is looking to

    improve productivity and quality (as well as relationships). She has a unique and passionate style and it was a real joy

    working with her."

    What Our Customers Say:

    "Kramer can read teams, has an eye for what leadership needs, and can turn big ideas into tangible actions. I highly value her opinion and can't wait to work with her again."

    What Our Customers Say:

    "The feedback about Kramer was consistently positive. She cared about the teams, took their feedback seriously, and spent a lot of time encouraging them to adopt Agile."

  • At Kramer Agile, we are committed to getting you the fastest ROI possible. In fact, one of the things that customers tell us they like best about our working style is that we don't interrupt strategic initiatives already in play. We teach Business Agility in real time, using teams' real work to get quick wins as they deliver customer experiences, improve relationships, and win new business.

  • We've been lucky to have some amazing clients: