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  • Why Agile for HR

    Human Resources professionals everywhere are under tremendous pressure right now. Not surprising—HR has been the last major area of the business to transform its processes and technology. HR executives must move swiftly to drive the improvements that will make your organization more valued, trusted, and respected.

    Here’s what’s trending in HR—are any of these familiar?

    • The CHRO is trying to enhance HR's position in the C Suite
    • Old, manual processes are blocking success of critical strategies
    • Associates are voicing new requirements in ways of working



    Why Agile for HR NOW

    • CHRO strategies call for big plans to modernize, which likely means a wide-sweeping HCM initiative
    • HR leaders and teams recognize that to gain greater trust and respect from the rest of the organization, they must improve the way they work
    • Top CHRO strategies will require that the rest of HR be ready and able to sustain them 
    • HR’s 4 Rs (Recruit, Reward, Retain, Retire) are siloed and underperforming
    • Rapidly multiplying interdependencies are hard to see and manage
    • HR projects must deliver faster AND hit the mark on what employees really need
    • Industry experts are calling for a partnership among the CEO, CHRO, and CFO
    • Employees are making it clear they’re tired of hierarchical command-and-control management—and are willing to walk if they can’t work they want they want



  • What We Do

    Kramer Agile specializes in designing and implementing Agile. Our advantage is the result of fifteen years of large, complex Agile transformations for top US companies. We know Agile works. We love it. And we can’t wait to show you how to harness Agile to improve every aspect of your HR ecosystem—up, down, and across the enterprise.

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    a custom Agile practice to uplift skills and support key CHRO strategies


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    with your best team members to own and evolve your HR Agile practice over time

  • What Our Customers Say:


    "I highly recommend Elizabethe Kramer to any manager, individual or team that is looking to

    improve productivity and quality (as well as relationships). She has a unique and passionate style and it was a real joy

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    What Our Customers Say:

    "Kramer can read teams, has an eye for what leadership needs, and can turn big ideas into tangible actions. I highly value her opinion and can't wait to work with her again."

    What Our Customers Say:

    "The feedback about Kramer was consistently positive. She cared about the teams, took their feedback seriously, and spent a lot of time encouraging them to adopt Agile."

  • At Kramer Agile, we are committed to getting you the fastest ROI possible. In fact, one of the things that customers tell us they like best about our working style is that we don't interrupt work already in play. We can use your current work to teach and cement solid Agile principles and visuals. There’s simply no better use of your time, resources, and money.

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